6 December 2010

Who will win the custody of Deimante Kedyte-you decide!

D. Kedyte

Kedainiu District court in 2 weeks time (20th of December) will decide who gets the legal custody of Drasius daughter: his sister N. Venckiene or the girl's mother L. Stankunaite-who according to the girl's statements have taken part in pedophilia cover up and benefited from her daughter's abuse.

Drasius daughter has made various statements about her mother's involvement in the abuse and stated that on a number of occasions her mother took her to meet the men that molested her. The abuse took place at the mother's flat amongst other places and this would not have been possible without L.Stankunaite's consent: how is it that no charges have been brought to L. Stankunaite until now and she continues to live under the state security protection?


5 psychological assessments have proven that Deimante Kedyte is not fantasizing and her statements are true. It is important to note that the girl had to undergo these assessments on her own without any representatives present. On one occasion she was taken from the kindergarten without her relatives permission to 'Raidos Centras', a special psychiatric  hospital for children, and had to undergo 'treatments' after which she experienced memory loss, had difficulty concentrating and recalled being asked to take medication that she did not required.

Why is it that Lithuanian Government is not inetersted in protecting children's rights?


Why is it that no one listens to the little girl who continious to state that she wants to live with her aunt N. Venckiene and not her mother?


Who will win this case? Who do you want to win? 


Who do you want Drasiaus daughter to live with and what are you going to do if L. Stankunaite gets the full custody of her daughter?

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