4 December 2010

Broken Promise by the Prosecution Yet Again: Kedys Blood Samples Have not Reached Swedish Experts

Does this look like a non-violent death to you?
Drasius Kedys case has not reached the Swedish experts still and it is unclear what has happened to the blood samples forwarded to the Prosecutor by Kedys’s relatives.
Transfer to Experts is Delayed by Translation Issues

 Although the Attorney General's Office announced that D. Kedys's cause of death will be examined in the Swedish National Institute of Forensic Medicine experts in early November, the documents still have not reached the Swedish Institute.

"Everything has to be translated into Swedish and that is not easy," - said to portal General Prosecutor' of the Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Department Aidas Mazeika.

So far, it is unclear whether Kedys's sister Neringa Venckiene will get all the answers from the Swedish experts: "There was only a preliminary agreement that Swedish experts will investigate D. Kedys's samples", - A. Mazeika explained.

D. Kedys's relatives made plans to give a list of 30 questions to the Swedish experts with findings  of the prosecutors in the State Institute of Forensic Medicine and conclusions made by the independent expert (hired by the family) who found D.Kedys’s cause of death to be a violent one.

Kedys’s Mother Wants Answers

 The findings of the independent experts conclude that D.Kedys was severely beaten and then probably drowned. However, the official experts state otherwise – he allegedly got drunk and died from choking on his stomach content, and no signs of violence were found on his body.

 Kedys’s mother is stunned by these findings and wants more thorough examination of his death as well answers to her questions related to choking and alcohol levels found in his body.


Translated by London Lithuanians 4 Justice

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