1 December 2010

Ensuring justice and protection for all children

The Agency’s third annual Fundamental Rights Conference (FRC) will take place in Brussels on 7-8 December 2010.

Delivering justice for all children and protecting their rights in vulnerable situations will be the theme of the FRC 2010.

The FRC 2010 is organised in cooperation with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference will seek to explore avenues for State authorities to protect vulnerable children against violations of their rights.

Read also more about the FRC 2010 on the Website of the Belgian Presidency.

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Objectives of the FRC 2010

  • developing practical proposals to address challenges faced by particularly vulnerable children in the EU;
  • sharing ‘good practice’ on child-friendly approaches applied by State authorities;
  • strengthening the impact of policies and strategies related to the rights of the child in the EU.

Key Speakers


About the FRC

The Fundamental Rights Conferences (FRC) create a space for policy-makers, experts and human rights defenders to examine key fundamental rights challenges and develop courses of action that better guarantee their protection.

More about the FRC
The FRC is a prime networking opportunity for actors responsible for child protection at EU, international, national and local level as well as at the grass roots.

It will bring together 250-300 stakeholders, including EU and Member State officials, local authorities and intergovernmental organisations, social services and legal practitioners, national human rights institutions, equality bodies and children’s ombudspersons, victim support and child rights non-governmental organisations.

Following the conference, the FRA will summarise in the conference report the discussions and contributions made during the two-days. This report will be available on this web site. The FRA will also propose elements for follow-up and integrate outcomes into its own work.


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